We offer different types of nets, reception or projection screens. Our products have been tested for several years and we guarantee their longevity in an indoor and outdoor installation. For the structures that welcome the public, all our products are treated M1.

Our screens and nets are custom made. We constantly make our offer evolving in order to guarantee the best quality of the market. Price on request

Reception screen for simulator (resistance level 1)

Reception screen for simulator (resistance level 1)

Addon Golf Lens

Addon Golf Lens


This professional wide-angle lens virtually does not distort the image and allows you to shoot close up. Ideal to avoid using 3 practice bays to capture the video, or for small analysis studio. Fits all tablets and smartphones.

Ipad tripod

This tripod is ideal to install your tablet or smartphone in a fixed position.The pack "tripod bundle" includes a wide angle lens, a tripod and the support for tablet

Tablet tripod

Tablet tripod

Metal pellets

Metal pellets

Metal pellets for radar

The metal pads improve the quality of the data from your indoor radar. Sold in rolls of 1000 tablets


GardenGrass synthetic turf is a reference in term of density and quality. We use that material in all our studios or simulator installations, which are installed in public places with high traffic.


Fun and educational training based on performances within 3m with slopes.

3 training maps possible

4 Levels: Flat / Slight slope / Medium slope / Steep slope.

168 training putts per level.

+650 exercises on 4 levels of slopes and by training Map.

Accessible financially for all academies and individuals with space to install it.


Custom manufacturing from 60 € / m² HT


We manufacture custom targets in many colors. Price on request

Radar Box

Radar Box

Radar or PC boxes

We manufacture our protective boxes for launch monitors and computers. The structure is expanded PVC which allows the frequencies of radar and wifi to pass. The walls are full with a high thickness for resistance to all tests, smooth for easy cleaning. Price on request


We manufacture our PCs and guarantee you the best performance and prices on the market. We can advise you according to your budget, the software you want to use, the camera models that will be connected during your gesture analysis or simulator games


PC all in one IP65 / IP67 touch. It is designed for use in extreme situations. It resists water and hot weather. The screen has a protection against the sun allowing to have a perfect visibility. Its power makes it possible to accommodate all software with high graphics.

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