IDS Cameras

IDS is a leading brand in the field of industrial camera. The usage frequency rises in 500 frames per second without changing the resolution. The global shutter allows us not to have deformation of shaft or ball for example. The use of this camera requires a powerful computer and constant lighting indoors.


The Blackfly® S leverages the industry’s most advanced sensors in an ice-cube form factor. It is packed powerful features which enable you to easily produce the exact images you need and accelerate your application development. This includes both automatic and precise manual control over image capture and on-camera pre-processing. The Blackfly S is available in GigE, USB3, cased, and board-level versions. The Exact Images You Need The most choice in Sony CMOS sensors including: global shutter, polarization and high-sensitivity BSI sensors. Sophisticated color transformation tools ensure true- to-life color. Advanced auto-algorithms or precise manual control.

Basler camera

Basler is a German company that is very well placed on Ethernet cameras in terms of price and resolution. Their latest USB 3.0 camera offers a frame rate of 756 fps for 640 * 480 resolution making it one of the fastest industrial cameras for motion analysis.

Logitech BRIO

Kayeton is a Chinese brand that allows us to make our own USB 2.0 cameras according to our own requirements. The specifics of these cameras are amazing and will respond perfectly to low budget facilities. Its maximum frequency is 120 frames per second for a resolution of 640 * 480

flightscope cameras
Accessories and specific cabling

We offer all types of specific active cabling to ensure the perfect operation of your USB 3.0 or Ethernet cameras. In addition, we market different lenses that will fit your workspace.

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Good lighting is essential inside to be able to see the clubhead in the impact zone and outside for the cons-day if your practice is misguided. Our lights are all equipped with a dimmer and can meet IP65 or IP67 standards according to your requests.

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