Flightscope X3
Flightscope 2019 X3.png

The Flightscope X3 is the latest addition to the Flightscope brand. In addition to being captured by doopler, it is the treatment of the image thanks to a camera in the box that consolidates the analysis of the club especially at low speed. The name of this alliance between the technology of doopler and camera is called "fusion tracking". It is also thanks to this technology that Flightscope analyzes putting and chipping. This new radar is particularly well finished and promises great evolutions in the very short term both in terms of hardware and softwares Price on request contact@addongolf.com

E6 Connect software

E6golf is the most used software by the brands of simulators. Turn your Flightscope into a real golf simulator. E6golf allows you to play the most beautiful courses in the world. The list of courses is available on the website www.e6golf.com/golf-courses/

Flightscope Range

The Flightscope Range is dedicated to applications for driving practices. This will allow each player to know better the ball flight and interpret in a better way the club data.

Golf shotz software will allow neophytes to have fun around well-known games.

Flightscope range addon golf
  • 3D tracking radar

  • Customized hardware to track all different types of shots

  • Ethernet and power cable connections

  • Mounting options: 100mm vesa mount (same as standard TVs) or mounting stand provided

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