Flightscope MEVO+

Data and Video Combined

Automatically records and clips videos of every shot on your phone and overlays your selected data parameters.


Performance Data

Mevo+ is a launch monitor that uses 3D Doppler tracking radar technology to provide 16 valuable data parameters for ultimate game improvement and entertainment

Flightscope Golf APP

Data Margins and instant feedback

Set your minimum and maximum values for any data parameter to train smarter and improve consistency 

Receive instant visual feedback with simple green and red data display

Data and Video Combined

Practice without interruption with the FS Golf App The App on the phone will automatically record and clip each video  before storing on the App for easy review

Customizable trajectory view

Customize your trajectory screen display with preffered data blocks for the ultimate user experience

Simulator with Mevo+

Mevo+ adds to the power of Mevo with more performance features, more data parameters, gamification and simulation


Simulation Software and Games

Mevo+ includes ownership of 5 courses, 17 practice ranges and a mini darts game with no additional license fee

Compatible with Flightscope Skills

 FlightScope Combines

Designed to be the ultimate and advanced assessment of a golfers skilled level

Customized Challenges

Practice with purpose by choosing target size, location, and point values for annovative sessions based on identified weaknesses

Practice Smarter

Use Skills to determine accuracy and skill level for benchmarking and comparing performance with players around the world

Flightscope Mevo VS Flightscope Mevo+
Data mevo vs mevo+.PNG