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Analyse en Triscopie & Quadriscopie

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The Trackman  allows you to organize yourself around a very precise training and to be able to use it in your simulator thanks to the library offered by the virtual golf software.

Analyze and diagnose with factual confidence. Combine the forces of feeling with reality. Nurture and develop all skill levels.

The introduction of TrackMan 4 is the culmination of a three-year journey that began as an initiative to design and engineer the most powerful and accurate golf launch monitor ever built. The result is Dual Radar technology - a radical transformation of how radar technology is applied to golf today. Use of two radar systems instead of one to achieve maximum data quality and increased detection rates.

Data delivered in its purest form.


TrackMan Golf Simulators deliver an experience that redefines what's possible in a simulation environment.

Every practice session, every hole you play, every fun tournament you host with your's all true to the true feel of the game.

World famous courses appear in simply stunning detail. The game is incredibly smooth, all your club and ball data is displayed with unerring accuracy.

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Le GCQuad utilise plusieurs caméras infrarouge et de technologie basée sur une caméra haute vitesse et haute résolution pour mesurer avec précision chaque informations de la tête du club et de la balle.

Données de balle

• Vitesse de balle
• Angle de lancement
• Angle latéral
• Tournoyer
• Effet latéral
• Distance de transport

Données des clubs

• Vitesse de la tête du club
• Efficacité
• Angle d'attaque
• Chemin des clubs
• Angle de face
• Loft & mensonge à l'impact
• Emplacement de l'impact
• Taux de fermeture


The Trackman Range solution will allow your members to better know their swing either from their smartphones or from our screens designed for the outdoors. In addition to essential information for players, the software is equipped with games, more playful, will delight new golfers wishing to discover the activity or your seminars.

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Le GC Hawk vous permet de jouer à une multitude de sport et jeux ludique. En effet, cette solution est prometteuse pour vous offrir un maximum de sport rendant votre espace multisport, multijeux

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