Complete simulation cage for your indoor installation.


Three sizes are available for direct order on the M, L and XL site.

For other sizes, please contact us.


This cage includes the protective fabrics, the double screen with reinforcements for reception and projection, and the aluminum structure from 30mm X 40mm to 40mm x 80mm

In the options, you can choose in addition to the size, finish and options of your cage:

- Radar for the FlightScope Mevo bullet tracking + € 1,925 ht or X3 € 13,500 ht

- High-end synthetic floor + teeline striking area + Airlastic underlay size 6m x 4m with rough strip or Alu strip finish.

- Cage in aluminum profiles 40mm x 40mm, 30mm x 60 and 40mm x 80mm.

- Benq video projector

- With or without our intervention for the installation


Simulation cage

Floor finish
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