Complete simulation cage for your indoor installation.


The benchmark for professional simulators with generous dimensions (up to 6m wide.) The SIM PRO MAX cage is able to integrate any tracking technology of the market (FlightScope, Trackman, Foresight, QED ...)

For special dimensions, please contact us directly.


Three sizes are available by direct order on the site M, L and XL.

For other sizes, please contact us.


This cage includes the protective covers, the double screen with reinforcements for reception and projection, and the aluminum structure from 30mm X 40mm to 40mm x 80mm

In the options, you can choose in addition to the size, finish and options of your cage:

- Radar for FlightScope Mevo ball tracking + € 1925 excl. Tax or X3 € 13,500 excl.

- Top-of-the-range synthetic floor + teeline strike zone + Airlastic undercoat size 6m x 4m with rough strip or Alu strip finish.

- Cage made of 40mm x 40mm, 30mm x 60 and 40mm x 80mm aluminum profiles.

- Benq video projector

- PC All in one specially prepared for the processing of graphics of simulation software such as E6 Connect or TGC 2019 of your choice. (For other configurations, or for the purchase of the PC only, please contact us.)

- With or without our intervention for the installation



Floor finish
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