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The software that connects golfers. Compatible with your Flightscope X3, Xi and Mevo +

Join the growing number of connected golfers and gain access to new courses, mini-games, skill tests, training aids and more, with E6 CONNECT!

It is the most advanced golf software ever. This exclusive game has been designed to evolve into a cross-platform virtual golf competition offering.


The industry standard E6 experience is now available on more Windows and IOS platforms.

This revolutionary new software is available for PC and iOS users, making teaching, training, playing and competing easier than ever!

The software comes standard with professional tools and the most realistic gaming experience available.

This cutting-edge software is 4K compatible and has been rebuilt with a more user-friendly interface.


In addition to its superior user-friendliness, E6 CONNECT has a number of customizable features giving golfers full control over the game's parameters. Work on your game using the most flexible and highest quality simulation software on the market.



Peer-to-Peer in real time
Local multiplayer
IOS compatibility
Live statistical monitoring
4K compatible graphics and new ocean animation
Improved physics
Authentic Stimp Rating

**** MORE THAN A GAME ... ****

E6 CONNECT has come with additional web features which greatly improve the player experience. Now users can analyze every move while playing under their profile, transforming the way teachers can use E6. Users can sort historical data by date, game or club and analyze each stroke data directly in the software.


PC Recommendations: Intel i5 Processor | 8GB RAM | Nvidia 1070 Graphics Card or equivalent (Dedicated GPU with DirectX 11 Support)
25GB of Hard Drive Space | Windows 10 64-bit (Required) | Internet Connection (Required)


IOS Recommendations: iPad Pro 1 or later | iPad 5 or later | iPad Air 3 (Current Version) | iPad Mini 5 (Current Version) | iPhone 8 or later


Manual installation E6 Connect IOS (France)

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