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The fully suspended golf simulator

* The FLY golf simulator cage adapts to all technologies on the market.Contact us for more information

from 13500 euros excluding tax

Solutions de financement flexibles pour les professionnels et les particuliers

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Our FLY golf simulator is our fully suspended solution. This solution allows you to optimize your space to make room for another activity.

You will have the choice between printed curtains or colored curtains if you want to approach the specificities of our FLY simulator.


The layout options that will vary the budget of this installation are in terms of the floors and the type of projection you want.

4 flooring options are available at Addon Golf:

The Green Color, ideal for adding color to your installation (black, anthracite grey, red, yellow, etc.)

The Green Pro, high-end synthetic turf generally used in most outdoor facilities that will guarantee you resistance over time

The Green Pro Max, which offers unparalleled resistance and unparalleled roll

Carpet printed in 400, 600 and 1000 grams per M2 allowing you to customize it with your logos or with educational exercises.


We are the only ones in Europe who design our own protective canvases and ball receiving screens directly in our workshops.

It is also thanks to this that we can reduce our installation times on our tailor-made simulators.

For our FLY simulator, you can opt for printed curtains or colored curtains.


In installations with standard dimensions, we offer two types of professional projections. 

One is equipped with 5,000 lumen lamp technology. 

  • Advantage : the price

  • Inconvenience: consumption and its resistance over time

The other is equipped with 7,000 lumens laser technology.

  • Advantage: consumption, immersion and resistance over time

On specific installations and in particular on restricted dimensions, we can opt for different technologies.

The choice of your video projector will depend on the projection quality you want for your training. You can also use your simulator as a movie theater or seminar room depending on the situation.

Please contact us if you wish to manage this part.


All technologies are compatible with our FLY simulation cage.

However, you must have a certain height for systems that attach to the ceiling. There is no constraint for technologies that rest on the ground.

The choice of your technology will depend on your budget, the quality of the desired rendering and whether you are looking for a solution for training, fun or both.

We are available by phone to answer your questions on this subject. Ask Mathias or Guillaume 


Solutions de financement flexibles pour les professionnels et les particuliers

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