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Skytrak / Skytrak +

The world of golf is experiencing a revolution with the launch of our new product, SkyTrak+ 2023. Built on the monumental success of our original launch monitor, SkyTrak, the SkyTrak+ aims to redefine what golfers can expect from a golf launch monitor. high quality.

Cutting-edge Technology

The SkyTrak+ delivers tour-level accuracy, capturing detailed data on every shot, from ball speed to launch angle and spin. The data provided by SkyTrak+ allows golfers to refine their playing technique and strategy like never before.

Accessible to everyone

Jeff Foster, CEO of SkyTrak, said: “Our goal is to enable golfers around the world to train, play and compete.” SkyTrak+ succeeds in doing just that by delivering cutting-edge performance at an affordable price, making high-level golf accessible to the masses.

Part of the GOLFTEC Family

SkyTrak+ is a brand under the GOLFTEC Enterprises umbrella, alongside GOLFTEC Training Centers and SkyTrak Golf. This partnership allows us to offer complete solutions for all your golf needs.

Key Features

  • Tour-level precision for complete analysis of every shot

  • Ease of use with an intuitive user interface

  • Customization options to adapt the device to your gaming style

  • Compatibility with a variety of apps and workout programs

  • An affordable price that makes it ideal for golfers of all levels

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